Pre diabetes diet: The right pre diabetes diet can save your life

The right pre diabetes diet can save your life.  It is important to find the right pre diabetes diet. Most diets for diabetes do not do enough. The diabetic has a death in the body. This is a fact. The poison  glucose robbed all the life from the blood. This is why the diabetic loses fingers and toes. The worst thing to do is to try to ignore this

 Trying to avoid this by ignoring the signs does not remove the poison in the bloodstream, actually each day more damage is being done to the body.

A pre diabetes diet can literally save your fingers, toes and even your life. The problem is most diet try to balance the blood sugar and this only helps a little. What is needed is a diet that completely stops the problem fron the root.

There is a filmmaker who has been stopping type 2 diabetes with a pre diabetes diet here

Find the right diet fast do not delay the poison in the bloodstream does not stop on it’s own. Be well


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