The importance of quick action with borderline diabetes

February 27, 2010 - Leave a Response

Borderline diabetes is a serious warning that something is wrong in the body. The borderline diabetic must understand that there is a poison in the bloodstream. Waiting is the worst thing that a diabetic can do. Borderline means that the poison has already started affecting the body. I speak very seriously about this because this illness can take your legs. Many diabetics will have to have there legs removed and this is very sad.

The tingling feelings in the fingers are toes is a sign that the poison glucose is starting to shut down the circulation. Believe me..YOU DONT WANT THIS.

I tell you from experience that you can lose much of your body. It was my good friend who lose the battle to this illness. The only thing that ca help is a diet that heals the pancreas. The SPIRIT HAPPY SITE DIET is the only one so far that I have seen that works see here

Maybe other diets work but this is the only one that I have seen that really work so far. I hope if you are borderline diabetic that you do not wait. I hope that you do something fast. Be well


Borderline diabetes must be attacked fast

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Borderline diabetes must be attacked fast because the poison in your bloodstream is spreading. The borderline diabetic has a limited time to stop this before the illness attacks the kidneys or the limbs

This site is different from others in that we give it to you straight, we must tell you the truth. My good friend lost his body to this illness. The key is to act fast. High blood sugar causes a poison glucose to attack the circulation. This eventually shutsdown the kidneys and heart.

The borderline or pre diabetic can lose the ability to use their  fingers or toes. Why?  The answer is that the parts of the body are dying off.  Diabetes spreads through out the body like a cancer. Why do they call diabetes the silent killer? It is because the body is dying on the inside.  The only help for the diabetic is the right borderline diet, the right pre diabetes diet can save the life of the person with high blood sugar. See this diet that has been helping many click here

Please take care and find the right pre diabetes diet fast

I think i have diabetes? You can reverse it

February 22, 2010 - Leave a Response

If you are saying “I think i have diabetes” This disease is like AIDS and must be treated fast. Like AIDS diabetes spreads a poison in your bloodstream. Diabetes spreads a poison glucose that cuts of the life circulation to the organs of the body. This is why diabetics have to have their toes or fingers cut off. The body parts are diseased and have to be removed.

When you are saying “I think I have diabetes” You must realize that time is not on your side.  The worst mistake people with borderline diabetes do is to wait. They think that waiting will cause the problem to just go away. This is dangerous. The end of diabetes is a painful sad death. This illness has ruined men, women and children.

You can reverse diabetes! The Spirit Happy people have shown that you can reverse type 2 diabetes and borderline diabetes see here

I think i have diabetes is the worst thing you can be thinking. But do not worry just act fast. This illness ruined my friend and he lose much of his eyes. He use to be so healthy but type 2 diabetes destroyed him. Find the right diet now or see the filmmakers diet at the above link which has been helping alot of people